Why did I never think of this before? Cheats pizza. (Or you may prefer “healthy” pizza…)

Zap a pitta bread or two in the toaster, cut open, slather in passata (stick some oregano leaves in there if you’re feeling all cordon bleu), fling on some torn mozzarella, fry off some red onion and red pepper and bung them on too, shove under the grill until the mozzarella is just about the way you like it… And my very favourite touch, add some shaved courgette and a sprinkling of parmasan before finishing off.

Yummy scrummy! I only just stopped scoffing in time to take a photo!

I’m thinking it’ll make a quick, impressive lunch one day when friend’s are around! Alternatively, it might just be all I eat for quite some time. 😉

What’s your favourite, flung together meal?


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