Procrastination genius!

Quite some time ago I downloaded WordPress onto my phone.  Further back still, I set up a Blogger account on my laptop.  The bones of this very post have been here since at least November 2012…  probably longer…  And yet…

What should I write about?  Who would even be interested?  What about my big sausage fingers and rubbish proof-reading skills?   What witty title I could give a blog that might sum all that I want to achieve.  What the hell did I want to achieve?  What was I scared of?  What was stopping me…?

Hello, my name is Nicola and I am skilled in the art of procrastination.  Little Miss Procrastination was the title of this blog long before I got around to knowing it!

Which  is reminiscent of the way I started my first online diary.  But it was from there I learned so much about me –  and that I am one of those people who learns about me by bouncing ideas of other people.  I’m a people person and I like to talk, so a conventional diary just isn’t going to cut it.  I’ll never get it started. Here however, I have a bit of accountability!  (Unless you also are skilled in the art of procrastination?)

So it’s about time I just got started and let this blog develop however it will.  Welcome along and I hope you’ll stay with me.


The case for the 5 foot wide bookcase!


I have spied a bookcase. A massive bookcase. It’s almost 5 foot wide. I am only slightly taller than it is wide. Do I want it? Oh yes! Do I need it… Uhm


Don’t you just hate it when your book piles multiply in the night? How on earth did those books manage to jump into my hands just as I was trying to leave the shop without them?


And who on earth would leave these books grouped together? No, no, no, no, that’s surely not the way they should be?


I find them lurking on chairs just as I want to make myself comfy.


I find them where I was sure I’d left my cup of tea!


I find them where they definitely should not be!


I find them staring beseechingly at me, from far flung corners where I have defiantly left them to think about their difficult words and chapters.


I find them teasing me with things I have yet to discover.

They trip me up, they sit me down, they make me laugh, they make me cry. They remind me they need to be read almost constantly.

And I kinda’ like them. I wonder if they’d be too imposing, all lined up in 5 foot rows, taunting me to get around to reading them?

What takes over your home when you’re not paying attention?



Why did I never think of this before? Cheats pizza. (Or you may prefer “healthy” pizza…)

Zap a pitta bread or two in the toaster, cut open, slather in passata (stick some oregano leaves in there if you’re feeling all cordon bleu), fling on some torn mozzarella, fry off some red onion and red pepper and bung them on too, shove under the grill until the mozzarella is just about the way you like it… And my very favourite touch, add some shaved courgette and a sprinkling of parmasan before finishing off.

Yummy scrummy! I only just stopped scoffing in time to take a photo!

I’m thinking it’ll make a quick, impressive lunch one day when friend’s are around! Alternatively, it might just be all I eat for quite some time. 😉

What’s your favourite, flung together meal?

Things that make me say Yay!

I’ve been following Delighted Momma’s blog for a while now and love her positive outlook on life and her “Things that make me say Yeay” posts… So, I am adding my own wee Scottish twist (saying Yay, not yeay 🙂 )


Walking around the city. Most people from outwith the city think of Glasgow as an industrial city – and it is. They think of it as a scary city. I guess it can be. But, like anywhere, when you take the time to wander and to look, even in the heart of the city, there is lots of beauty.


And the architecture reallly is amazing.




Don’t you just envy their fabulous window? It goes all the way around the corner of the house and the photo unfortunately doesn’t show up the colours of the stained glass panes. I wanted to knock on their door and ask if I could have a closer look! (I contented myself with looking shifty and surreptitiously taking photos.)


Hair cuts! Before drinking tea at my friend’s new flat here, my hair was getting long and straggly and my fringe was, frankly, ridiculous! It looks and feels in such good condition after a cut. If a little grey…


No, it’s really not tasty! It’s Henna hair dye! Sorting out that grey! It doesn’t smell hugely pleasant when you’re in the midst of the chaos, but it sure smells better than chemicals nipping your scalp! And I love the red tones through my hair. Careful though, the grey does take on a bright copper tone which can frighten some! (I use caca marron, but there are less red flavours.) I love that it is red in the sunlight and the shine it gives my hair. Even my hairdresser asked what I do to it. Yay! Henna all the way! It is so much more affordable than salon colours or home-bought dyes (especially if your hair is in a short bob; I only need one block), it’s package-free and as natural as hair dye can be. What more could a girl ask for?

I hope you all have had a fabulous weekend!

You know you need more sleep when…

… Your “passport”  photo is of you looking startled by the wee boy who ran into the booth to play! (I know his name, I heard his mother scream it.)

… You managed to get locked out in the garden whilst hanging out the washing and had to have a neighbour save you.

… Your not quite sure how, but you set your dinner alight in the pan.

… And turned around to an overflowing sink.

… You still haven’t been brave enough to bring in the washing.

But hey, I remembered to buy chocolate… All I need is a cuppa? Just a splash of milk. I need adult supervision when using the kettle. Anyone?

Who steals time?

How can it nearly be September already? And just where have I been hiding?

It’s been a busy summer! I have been here:


Photo courtesy of my friend Kev
Check out this photo by Kev Campbell:



St Paul's



And here:


All whilst still doing two jobs and a uni course…  Guess which one was at the bottom of my pile!


My assignment was due in last night. I handed it in 4 hours before the deadline! Which is 4 hours earlier than I usually do! (I started 2nd job 3 hours before the deadline.)

But I was in the library every night this week because I had left it so late. Again. Sigh.


I think I was the only one in the library using good, old fashioned pen and paper! I find I write more easily and quickly this way. If I type straight to computer it takes me an age. Besides, how uncool would I be lugging an 18.3″ laptop to the library. The kids would laugh me out of there! 

But you know you need to give it up for the night when, at midnight, in the library you find yourself taking photos like this:


Uh oh! Although those spearmint polo’s definitely kept me going!

The thing with procrastination is, you only have yourself to blame. I could say the course is hard (it is), I wasn’t allowed study time in work although it’s a work related course (I wasn’t), it’s summmer time (and what a summer), that I’m not prepared to sacrifice time with my friends doing the things I love because I have little enough time to do that…

But, I still agreed and chose to do the course. And not all of that was selfless. It’s a fascinating course, it fits right in with the things I am most passionate about, it will really be of huge benefit to my friend’s children, whom I love to pieces, and it will really be of benefit to me, my future career and direction in which I would like it to go.

And yet, I still left it to the last minute and did not do it justice. Perhaps I need to become Little Miss Procrastinot!!!

She says, running out the door to sort out an expired passport before Mum books that holiday…

You gotta love Shawshank!


It may not be your kind of movie, but I love it. It’s on right now and it still makes me laugh. And it still makes me cry. And I still have to watch it all the way to the end. I am trying to work out just how many times I must have watched it in my time so far… An impossible task. Perhaps a gazillion? And I know I will watch it again the next time it’s on.

What movie have you seen more times than you can possibly remember?

You gotta love Shawshank.


It might not be your kind of movie, but it’s on right now and I am trying to work out just how many times I must have seen it! An impossible task. A gazillion? It makes me laugh and it makes me cry. And I love it!

What movie have you watched more times than you could possibly recall?


Hello there! I have been MIA again, I have been doing that a lot. Sometimes life just gets in the way. And sometimes life is for living! 

I felt my wee blog was getting “too deep”  for my own liking. Don’t get me wrong, I like to ruminate on what’s happening all around and on human nature in general. But when that becomes a burden, and you start feeling you have nothing “clever” to write about, it’s time to take stock.

So if you’re reading this thinking, please no. I don’t want to read about your inane daily shenanigans… Oops!  At the minute that’s the way I need to go to get myself into the habit of writing and blogging!

Today I eventually paid a friend money I have owed him for, quite possibly, 5 years. And that was my very last debt. It made me realise that at the start of that very long, hard journey (I owed a lot more to a lot more people than that friend), I wrote often and not all of it was the ramblimgs of a debt-free-wannabe (although, to be fair, a lot of it was the woe-is-me, when will this be over rantings of a women on the edge! I promise not to go there again!). And I kinda liked writing it, I liked feeling accountable for the decisions I was making known publicly.  Even if people were scurrying by in their own little bubbles; occasionally those bubbles collided, burst open and a whole other world opened up.

So it’s time to go back to that and see how I evolve – and if I can stick to it! There’s plenty to wax lyrical about. I’ve had a lot on and there’s a lot coming up…

Not least my impending book delivery courtesy of a birthday voucher. If you know a thing or two about making your own eco friendly products, I’m going to need your advice!

Oh, and, yes, in case you are wondering, of course I am still procrastinating on the uni assignment! That’s why my doors and skirtings are eventually being tended to!

I hope you’ll stay with me to keep the worst of the ramblimgs in check.




Pah! You know it’s bad when you are “grumpy” at the sound of the voice of the soothing guided meditation man!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Yes, yes, yes. That’s me, I thought (minus the headstand. I’m happy enough in shoulder stand!) So I thought I would share. 🙂